Lavish Living ROCKS The Runway by Jenn Salomon


  I recently attended RAW Boston: SAVOR to check out the clothing brand Lavish Living. Thanks to an invitation by co-founder and designer, Jason Sergenton, I was able to get a first look at their collection. I must say, I was very impressed! Lavish Living just released their Fall/Winter collection and showcased their apparel at this awesome event, RAW Boston. For those who are not familiar with what RAW Boston is, it is an event where local artists showcase their new work. This event is filled with painters, photographers, makeup artists, stylists, jewelry designers, singers, and fashion designers.

At RAW Boston was where Lavish Living stole the show! The pieces showcased by this brand included casual wear for both men and women; making this brand appealing to a huge audience. I personally like the comfortability of the clothes. There is a mixture of edginess and comfortable wear. The brand offers jackets, shirts, and even shoes. Check out below some of the new designs seen on the RAW Boston runway!



Outerwear is a big part of this collection. Lavish Living has windbreakers, bomber jackets, and even jean jackets. Jean jackets are coming back in a HUGE way. I am so glad that Lavish Living incorporated this classic into their new collection.


I interviewed Lavish Living designer, Jason Sergenton, and got some great insight on the creative side of the brand.


Jenn- What Inspired your brand and how was the process bringing it to life?

Jason- So many influences including family, friends, and just wanting to live a better lifestyle. My business partner Ronald Guinan Jr. and I brought the brand to life in 2013 with hopes that one day this could the only job we need.  Both fed up with the jobs we had at the time we needed something inspirational to do and become successful. Tired of wearing other brands and felt we could design better and more comfortable clothes.


Jenn– Why did you decide to choose fashion designing as a career?

Jason– The brand started making a lot of progress and the success was becoming fulfilling.  Fashion is a fun business, it’s always dope networking with others. Fashion is always evolving so it’s fun being innovative in a busy market.

Jenn- What is the creative process behind the clothing you choose to use?

Jason- To start, the goal is to give our brand it’s own identity. We like to separate ourselves from other brands. We are inspired by other countries styles and we like to add our own twist. We also have some collaborations in our  collection. We like to work with other designers to create one of a kind pieces.

Jenn- What are you trying to communicate to buyers through “Lavish Living”? How do you want them to feel?

Jason- Look good. Feel good. Get Lavish.

We want our consumers to wear great quality and feel good about it. New clothes make everyone feel good. We want  buyers to feel just as good wearing our brand as any other top brand whether it’s Gucci, Louis ETC.

Jenn- What makes you different from other Boston clothing brands?

Jason- What makes us different would be the different styles we have, we want our customers to be able to wear our brand for every occasion. We have garments for everyone but we really take pride in our one of a kind pieces. Buyers feel good when they can have something custom others can’t have. We are Original.

Jenn- Are there any upcoming events people should be on the lookout for?

Jason– Nov. 11th we are apart of another Fashion show “Cocktails & Couture” we will have a vendor table available.

Jenn- Where do you see your brand 5 years from now?

Jason- In 5 years from now we see our brand everywhere. We are influenced by top brands and hope to make an impact on fashion as well as them or better. We plan to open a store and continue to Stay Lavish and spread the feeling.

Jenn– I loved the clothes showcased at RAW Boston. How was that experience for you?

Jason– The experience was great. It was an amazing opportunity to be around other artists with talent and showcase our work as well. I can’t wait to do another show with RAW.