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Photography by @Ron_lavish

Photography by @Ron_lavish


After labor day weekend, all we can think about is summer being over. 2019 was a good summer, unfortunately New England summer never last long enough. Blessed we got a chance to organize events throughout the summer. We put our brand in the position to showcase new garments at fashion shows, and vendor opportunities. Most importantly, we gained new supporters and customers. Lavish Living stayed busy all summer. This summer was successful and productive to say the least. To end off our summer campaign, we participated in The High Renaissance Fashion/ Art showcase hosted by Pi Art Society & Our Lavish Culture. The models were fantastic to work with, the crowd had no standing room, and we displayed tons of new pieces we created this summer. We showcased new fall garments and a collaborative custom piece we created with Souls Global designer Elise Arsenault. This event was amazing to be apart of. Thank you to Black Picasso and the rest of the artist/designers that made this show possible.

Recap vlog: High Renaissance Fashion Showcase

Lavish Living has been working on re-branding all summer. We always considered our style urban luxury and we feel this has been one of our best summers to date. Lavish living is a household name. We know that we contain a quality feel in our garments whether you wear our soft cotton shirt or our hand crafted loafer shoe.Lavish Living is for the special occasion or for your everyday living. Lavish Living is for you.

Below are some of our favorite photos from this summer. Enjoy!

Summer 2019 photography recap

Serena Saade @serenasaade  photographer @Jay.lavish

Serena Saade @serenasaade

photographer @Jay.lavish

Auston Harris @auston_aamh  photography by @Ron_lavish

Auston Harris @auston_aamh

photography by @Ron_lavish

Liz Collins @thelionesslc  photography by @Jay.lavish

Liz Collins @thelionesslc

photography by @Jay.lavish

Jaquison Xavier  photography by @Ron_lavish

Jaquison Xavier

photography by @Ron_lavish


More releases are coming this fall 2019. Next fashion show will be next month, October where we will showcase our winter collection.

More lavish is on the way, thank you for reading this blog and sharing it.

stay tune for more blog and more garment releases.

“The New Standard”- Jason Sergenton

-Jason Sergenton (@jay.lavish)